Genetic Engineering for Brands

Your brand DNA must withstand scrutiny. What seemed like a minor customer service issue can quickly escalate to cause lasting brand damage.

Bad News Travels Fast.
Prevention is better than cure. Engineering your brand so that it continually builds trust and clearly conveys your brand message can reduce exposure to risk.

Incorporating customer service excellence with your digital assets and channels build trust and confidence in your brand.

Let me help you strengthen your brand.

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bringing your marketing together

Integrated Marketing

McRae Consulting brings together all of the moving parts of your marketing so that you can do what you do best.

Buyer Journey Optimization

Leading your customers through the decision making process to making a purchase is both art and science. Together we can improve the customer experience by creating a buyer journey that makes it intuitive to do business with you.

Branding & Messaging

Your value proposition needs to be clear and concise. Making sure your website and digital assets properly convey your message is critical to brand creation and success. McRae Consulting helps you improve your brand equity.

My Digital Strategy Philosphy

My digital strategy objective is always to ensure that businesses are best placed to achieve competitive advantage. Adaptive strategy and agile implementation are key to maneuvering in a disruptive environment. I advocate for addressing customer pain points, exploiting data, rapid prototyping and ensuring end-to-end digital business goes beyond digital marketing.

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